P2E mechanism of Cryptochi

Cryptochi provides a big scope for players to generate in-game virtual earnings and turn them into real income. All assets (tokens and NFTs) when obtained fully belong to the player, and can be converted into fiat currencies in various methods that encourage the monetization of time spent in the in-game world.

Cryptochi is a world that emphasizes the principles of Play-To-Earn mechanics. The game will utilize earning concepts such as:

  • Players can explore world and gather vital upgrade materials, sell them to other player or in native marketplace for $CTHG token;

  • Complete various unique quests/tasks and earn $CTHG tokens;

  • Craft weapons and armour to trade it with other players or sell it on action house for $CTHG;

  • Players earn $CTHG tokens by competing with other players in PVP arenas;

  • Players gain $CTHG tokens for after successful raids at conflict zones;

  • Gamble with other players and compete in weekly casino tournaments to earn $CTHG rewards.

  • Report bugs to claim $CTHG;

  • Report bots to claim $CTHG;

  • Referral programs to earn $CTHG;

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