O2E & tier system of Cryptochi

Cryptochi contains properties that varies in rarity and characteristic, which naturally create value to the owner and to other players who wish to acquire those none-fungible tokens (NFTs). This asset class exists under name of premise. Premises are the most valued assets to hold in-game. Premises are categorized in into tiers which means that tier 3 holds a lower value than tier 1 assets.

Players that own premises can:

  • Deploy them in-game to earn $CTHG from interactions and activites held at the premise;

  • Stake to earn $CTHG rewards;

  • Sell or trade it to other players.

Premises can be bought at:

  • Native marketplace;

  • In-game auction;

From the start it will be possible for users to deploy premises such as PVP combat arena, gun shop and local bar. After deployment user immediately will start participating in Premises owners pools that will receive income from every interaction with premise:

Tier 1: 4.5% from every event / interaction;

Tier 2: 2.5% from every event / interaction;

Tier 3: 1.5% from every event / interaction;

The equalizing pool splits 1.5% of profits that are returned back to Cryptochi economy pool.

Integration of equalizing pool allows the split to happen and the tokens staked from events or purchases to be transferred to a dedicated premises owners pools, from which the pool is split into equal parts to the owners and transferred imimmediately for a fluent token usage in or out the game.

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