Cryptochi Digital Asset Class - Items

Everything in the real world has an intrinsic value; Cryptochi is attempting to capture this essence in the metaverse by giving the ability for players to tokenize everything in the same sense, providing an inherent value to the player’s assets and belongings.

Items usecases:

  • In-game abilities

  • Combining & crafting

Types of NFTs:


  • Helmets & hats;

  • Shields;

  • Armour & suits;

  • Gloves;

  • Boots;

  • Amulets;


  • Guns & swords;

  • Explosives

  • Potions


  • Lazers

  • Portable storages

Inventory items at Cryptochi is as a transferable asset. Every new asset bought from marketplace or gained by participating at in-game events is minted right before and holds value not only in Cryptochi but also in real world. Items can be sold on in-game auction or secondary market.

Cryptochi in-game Gun Shop & Crafting building allows items to be combined and new asset that captures previous assets abilities and visual effect together. This results with a new item minted and old ones - directed to a burning machine.

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