Factions represent the core programming code of the robots that the player will inhabit, determining their affiliation and aspiration.

The New World The world of Cryptochi is now divided into three factions that are vying for power and dominance over this new world. All factions contributed to shaping a new world far from what humanity was used to on Earth.

Each faction began developing towards different paths, became distinct, and thus became in constant conflict with each other, but the world of Cryptochi remains intact due to the common goal that they all shared, to expand into the cosmos.

This faction aspires to uphold and preserve the law of Cryptochi and maintain unity and peace in this new world.

The Capitalists’ faction is determined to monopolize the means of production, control the flow of capital, and preserve the world’s economic state.

They are the outcasts of society. Their code, which is considered “deviant” from the rest of the populace, allows them to excel in criminal activity and dominate contraband production lines.

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