Decentrilized integrations

Earning mechanism explainer.

Cryptochi uses elements that enriches the worlds economy, gives the players a method of earning tokens by playing the game in various ways that remains competitive and fair to each and everyone’s in-game capacity.

Mechanics that are captured to provide seamless crypto integration in Ctryptochi:


Players who do not hold any assets (NFTs or tokens) can play to earn inside Cryptochi.


Players are rewarded in $CTHG or NFTs for playing games and completing various quests, tasks, achievements and other game-related activities.


Players can own premises that varies in rarity and characteristic. Premises allows owners to generate $CTHG from in-game activities.

In-Game $CTHG staking

PVP arenas allows $CTHG to be staked while competing against other players.

Premises (NFT) staking

Due to gradual expansion, premises that do not have in-game reach, are allowed to be staked to generate passive $CTHG.

Creating & crafting

Cryptochi in-game Gun Shop & Crafting building allows items to be combined and new asset, that captures previous asset abilities and visual effect together, created. This results with a new item minted and old ones - directed to a burning machine.

In-Game trading

All inventory assets can be sold or traded with other players for $CTHG on the game’s marketplace or auction house.

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