Becoming Cryptochian

Core mechanics to become a Cryptochian.

How to start your journey as a Cryptochian:

  1. Create an account, connect your wallet and choose your faction that you will be representing;

  2. Customize your character, choose your prefered astetics and elements;

  3. Explore the market for fast-start;

  4. Prepare youself for action and fight to survive!

After steps are completed you can choose your preferred game modes:

PVE quests: Free-to-Play mode, learn mechanics of your character by completing given tasks to earn your first $CTHG and equipment.

PVP fights: Compete with other players to obtain theirs inventory or staked $CTHG at conflict zones or arenas.

PVP tournamets: Gather your friends and compete in capture the flag, death-mach or TvT modes to earn $CTHG.

Non-PvP play: Explore the stunning world of cryptochi, gather materials, trade or upgrade your equipment.

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