Token utility & economy

Token Utility and Economy explainer

$CTHG - the native token of Cryptochi, that serves as the worlds primary medium of exchange. The $CTHG token is employed not only for the acquisition of goods and services but also for the payment of fees required to reduce notoriety and access certain features within the cryptochi.

Token will be based on the BSC. However we are also working on other cross-chain solutions such as Polygon and Solana which can be added shortly after launch.

Cryptochi will fully relay on $CTHG token that will empower whole world and will be used for:

  • Participating in PvP arenas fights and tournaments: players will need to stake tokens before PVP fights, and winners will be charged a 10% of their earning that will be splitted between arena owners and tax pool;

  • Purchasing NFTs from the website or in-game marketplace;

  • Trading or purchasing NFTs from other players;

  • Crafting armor/weapon NFTs;

The utilization of $CTHG contributes to the development of an economy that is both robust and sustainable within Cryptochi. Additionally, it will contribute to the guarantee that all users have an opportunity to participate in the metaverse that is both fair and equal.

Cryptochi applies a core system that allows global, instant, and cost-effective payments between any two users in or outside the game. Binance block chains allows a trustless payment channels to be established between parties, with low-trust hub-and-spoke systems.

Cryptochi Economy Key Points

  • Cryptochi is a type of game that rewards players for the time and effort they put into playing the game by advancing the supply chain and also helps with further ecosystem development.

  • Whole game inventory (items, avatars, premises) are fully tokenized, meaning all assets can be sold to anyone, on in-game marketplace or on any open peer-to-peer markets.

  • Cryptochi has a 100% player-owned, real $CTHG token economy. Rather than selling game assets, we focus on growing the player to player economy with multiple in-game revenue pools and in-game built withdraw and burning mechanism.

  • Game-economy holds 42 different financial pools, that are crafted to distribute $CTHG tokens back to economy pool or to assets like Premises holders.

Game Economy Pool

Growth & distribution

Every interaction with the supply chain in-game will have an impact on economy pool growth. Cryptochi community takes control and fully backs the supply chain that is vital for all buildings and events happinig inside them. Cryptochi word wraps around the game-economy pool that fully funds new players and back various non-PVP events.

Economy pool receives inflows from 1.5% of all Cryptochi in-game buildings events and interactions.

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