Solving problems of current blockchain based games.


  • Limited with with less than few ways to generate income;

  • Neglected, unintresting and repetitive gameplay with no story behind it;

  • Extremely simplistic game environment - 2D, pixel, or low quality 3D;

  • Overpromising, not-delivering or having launch dates set years into the future;

  • No governance and community seen just like regular players;

  • Decentralization aspect is not planned and game assets are left behind.


  • Massive choices of well planned and entertaining gameplay modes;

  • Rich lore behind every aspect of the game;

  • Stunning game environment, animations and visualisations;

  • Clear road-map, fast launch, and space for gradual development and updates;

  • Governance allows community to influence further game directions and decisions;

  • Crypto aspect is closely linked with game by absolute asset tokenization with an organic need for tokens and NFT.

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