Back bone story for 2022-2100 years.

It all started in 2022 when the world was struck by a series of natural disasters that caused the end of civilization as we know it. The catastrophes which caused a cascading collapse of the financial system then governments had eventually led to humanity’s brave attempts to survive these conditions - but the cost had been far higher than anyone could have expected.

By the year 2045, whatever remained of humanity began living in what is called “Mega Cities,” an attempt to re-establish a world government that is dedicated to finding solutions to the crumbling world, the dwindling resources, and the toxic environment that has been slowly covering the world in a shroud of despair. In 2055 the first world government was born, and with it was born the project of Cryptochi, the last attempt to save humanity.

Cryptochi, in theory, was the attempt to transfer the human consciousness into machines and to convert the moon into an artificial world where it would be propelled by giant engines fixed on its surface. The transformation would turn the moon into a new temporary home that will shoot through the stars in search of new colonizable planets to help humanity expand and colonize new star systems for its resources.

Today, the year is 2100, and the earth has been depopulated and left behind; humanity has already completed its metamorphoses and shifted its focus from fixing the problems of a dying planet to advancing technologies that will help develop its new home.Publishing and sharing

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